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    Sanmen Tianma International Travel is the earliest established Sanmen, Taizhou Tourism Association executive director units.

    Since opening in 1999 , companies with strong economic strength and scientific and standardized management , the establishment of an efficient and motivated, proficient with modern management awareness of the workforce. Multiple departments under the Business Promotion Department , Department of tune , tour department, marketing department , QC , and the Finance Ministry , the organization reception team travel , individual travel , business travel , conference trips, vacation convalescence , tour , car rental , reservations , ticketing, self-service travel and pupils and students summer camp , fall camp , patriotic education tours, sunset red and other services and some individual orders of business.

    Sanmen Tianma International Travel of "honest -oriented, quality win" principle of service, with excellent Jietuan , organizing social achievements won a good reputation and acclaim with industry partners . Pegasus employees will continue to focus on " harmony, integrity, pragmatic , innovative" ideas recycling culture , dedicated to serve the public , honest and social returns.

    Tianma International Travel Service Commitment
    In order to strengthen our internal management, standardize our company honest and trustworthy , legitimate business , and create a good atmosphere for fair competition and establish a good image of our company , to promote the healthy and orderly development of the tourism market . We are committed to :
    1 , conscientiously study and comply with the State Department and the National Tourism Administration as well as all levels of government agencies and guides the development of the various regulations , approach.
    2 , resolutely civilized management, credit management .
    3 , wholeheartedly agreed to provide various services for tourists , and constantly improve the quality of service , and resolutely put an end to major accidents and major complaints.
    4 , does not exceed the scope of business , not illegal contracting, affiliated departments , not false advertising.
    5 , unity, cooperation , mutual benefit, not scalping , no price competition ; engage in "zero fare " and " negative fare."
    6, do not commission non- travel unit and individual agent or a disguised agents operating in the tourism business.
    7 , regulate the use of a single mission , not privately contract to help guide operations personnel.
    8 , delinquency and without undue deductions hotels, restaurants, tourist accommodation and restaurant meals.
    9 , to strengthen education management guides , efforts to establish legitimate and reasonable remuneration for work of tour guides mechanisms and refused kickbacks.
    10 actively maintain the normal order of the tourism market , and establish an honest, trustworthy business concepts.
    We consciously abide by these commitments and voluntarily accept supervision and inspection Tourism Association and tourism industry authorities. If any violation of the above commitments , willing to accept the tourism industry authorities impose administrative penalties and other processed according to the relevant laws and regulations.

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